Saba Results Fitness

Day 1

One question I always get, ” I’m thinking about exercising and learning new habits. How do I start?” I always recommend to follow the KISS approach.


1. WRITE IT DOWN. Unless you put a dream or idea on paper it’s not official. Make it important and write it down.

2. PUT A GAME PLAN TOGETHER. This will give you a strategy to follow. Make the game plan simple. For example, do cardio once a day for 15 min (Mon -Fri). If you’re not a morning person then, do cardio at lunch or after work.

3. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. The best way to be accountable is to share your idea with a friend or a family member who will support you. Hire a professional.

If you a have question you would like to share please ask. Looking forward to helping you look and feel amazing.


Day 2

How many calories do I need?
If you Google that question, you will get a lot of equations and formulas. Remember to keep it simple. Pick one and stick to it.

Try this one and share how many calories you need. If you need help, contact me I can help you out.


Day 3

“Should I do abs every day?”
The answer: Yes, you can, but train your abs only if they are not sore.
Keep your reps high: 20-30 reps, 4-6 sets. Perform 2-3 different movements.

When training your abs, focus on your concentric and encentric movement. The positive and negative motion of the movement will dictate the control. If you’re not feeling your abs contract and lengthen, then you are doing it incorrectly.

Day 4

“Should I stretch before or after a workout?” I always recommend to elevate the heart rate before working out with some sort of simple exercise. This will allow your body to get warm and allow the muscles to longate so they are ready for vigorous exercise and are then able to reach their full potential. Stretching after a workout is always a good idea. It helps build quality muscle. Message me with any questions.

Day 5

Coming soon!


Coming Soon!