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Take a few minutes and write down all the reasons you can’t begin an exercise program. Then look at the basis of each reason. For instance, if you wrote, “No time” as one of your reasons, then perhaps that’s based on a belief that an exercise program takes a lot of time. Starting with even five minutes a day will have a positive effect because you will have created a healthy habit where one didn’t exist before, and that’s a powerful mental adjustment. A closer look at your list will expose those false beliefs hiding behind each excuse.


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Getting Healthy

More and more research is showing that the key to lifelong good health is what experts call “lifestyle medicine” — making simple changes in diet, exercise, and stress management. To help you turn that knowledge into results, we’ve put together this manageable list of health and wellness suggestions. 

The word “diet” is so restrictive and comes with the label of deprivation. I prefer calling it lifestyle changes or “getting a mojo.”


Losing Weight

What we eat and how we feel are linked in very complex ways. A healthy approach to eating is centered on savoring flavor, eating to satisfaction, and increasing energy, rather than focusing on weight. We’ll check your balance of low-calorie foods, nutrient-dense foods (providing many nutrients per calorie), and foods that are calorie dense but nutrient poor. Most Americans need to eat more fresh whole foods (in contrast to processed, highly refined foods). Try to add more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and legumes into your meals. 


Competition Training

For anyone who is looking to pack on some serious mass, one of their top priorities will be to determine what the best training method is. 

It’s also essential that you understand which factors contribute the most to gaining lean muscle mass. A program that utilizes these principles will often fare better than one that doesn’t.

But it isn’t one size fits all. Each person’s body reacts differently. We will work together to find the perfect combination of protein, carbs and weight training to hit your ultimate peak. 

The same principles apply for Physique and Bikini competitors. As a National Physique Committee, we are trying to move these competitors away from the mass and more into the fitness and fundamentals.


Overcoming Obstacles

 Exercise has many known benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, strengthening the bones and muscles, and reducing stress. It also appears that regular physical activity benefits the brain.

Last year, a review by scientists at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles found that as many as 1 in 3 cases of Alzheimers was preventable through lifestyle changes.
In fact, it is so widely accepted that exercise is a good way to prevent dementia that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that individuals aged 65 and above engage in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week, or 75 weekly minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise, to keep this form of dementia at bay.

The proof is in the results. Competition ready, physically and mentally.


“I tailor workouts, diets and exercise schedules to each individual based on their mental, physical and emotional foundation.”